Revamped Software Re-engineering

Changing from the core age-old legacy application to increase flexibility, adapting new trends, reach more customers & achieve desired business growth

Key Drivers to opt for Software Re-engineering

  • Rapidly changing business landscape
  • Missing “Accessibility Anywhere” features
  • Lack of skilled resources for obsolete technologies
  • Missing integration between multiple business systems
  • Absence of support from vendors
  • High maintenance costs

Cloud Nine Re-engineering

Increase future maintainability
Reduce costs of maintenance
Retain and acquire customers
Responsive unified user experience
Embrace latest technology and trends
Leverage cloud infrastructure

Rapturous Re-engineering

Application Re-engineering

Shun outdated, time consuming and high cost application to re-develop entire system on latest technology platforms with focus on user experience, stability, & performance. Get:

Application Upgrades & Extensions

If your existing system has any touch-me-not business logic, we will find workarounds by reusing such components to keep core elements intact. Standard practices we follow are:

Clean coding & Isolated Development

Strong adherence to industry best practices of design guidelines, architecture, coding standards, naming conventions and project management. We execute: