Technology NEWS Capsules – Season 1

Technology NEWS Capsules

Must-read bulletins from the House of Radix to curb techno-riosity

COO’s Desk

Radixweb had clearly anticipated that in this year enterprises will have to evolve beyond “Mobile-First” approach- and it is where we make a difference. We have always believed in the technological prowess of being “mobile” and “Staying Connected”. Since Enterprise Mobility is a non-negotiable technology trend, Radixweb entices to provide you applications which not only deliver great experience but also work seamlessly as per business needs to meet and even exceed the expectations.

– Dharmesh Acharya, COO- Radixweb

Re-Innovation @ Radix

Radixweb to Help Enterprises Evolve Beyond “Mobile-First” Approach in 2017

Radixweb’s commitment to ‘Delivering Greater Value’ is visible across its portfolio of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services, which are integrated to help enterprises gain Competitive Advantages & Improve Workforce productivity. Read More

Radixweb is Set to Hit a Hat Trick at COMEX 2017

Radixweb will enthrall visitors at COMEX OMAN 2017 with exclusive technology innovation-Cloud Enablement, Field Service Automation and Enterprise Mobility among many others tailored for Middle East region at Booth #717/1017. Read More

We cut the “Crap & Rhyme the Rhythms” in your business Hymn We mold ideas like ‘Click Clack Click Clack Blaow’

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From Experts Pen

Embrace Field Service Automation to Reform your Business System

The Power of Automation: More than 62% of field service leaders leverage some level of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Strategy. Do you feel managing on-field operations is a hard nut to crack? Automation is like tested water to overcome the twists and turns and that too in a buttery way! Read More

Cloud Computing is an Ace of Spades to Streamline your Business

The global public cloud market will grow to $146 billion in 2017, from just $87 billion in 2015. In most game of cards, Ace of Spades is the card that can cause most disruption. This year we are witnessing an ace trend, Clouds-the most innovative technologies till date. Read More

Legacy Application Modernization- Tonic to Transform Business

About 75% of all existing applications are supposed to be modernized over the upcoming three years. A strong reason behind that is, the legacy applications are imposing some serious limitations and hurting the agility and efficiency. Read More

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