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Delivers Easy-to-use CMS Experience using Sitefinity

A simplified web management and software integration, delivering redefined online presence and a personalized experience to engage, convert and retain users

  • Integrated Formvine Survey Tool with Siteinfinity for faster data evaluation
  • Fully customized system with advanced search capabilities delivering relevant results instantly
  • A powerful platform leveraging flexibility to innovate within no time
  • Absolute content management system aiding advance Sitefinity features


Client Location

United States


Advisory and Benchmarking Services

Business Model

Time and Material

Technology Used

  • Sitefinity CMS 5.0
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008
  • .Net Framework 4.0

The Context

This USA based client is into business of providing advisory services to Line-of-Business and IT executives to make critical decisions. Their need was to enable the users of their website to research articles and participate in surveys. It was imperative to make it user-friendly in terms of navigation and accessibility.

  • The concept behind making major customizations to the website was make it repository of research material and also make sourcing articles easier with facility to conduct and participate in surveys
  • They wanted to implement a Content Management System enabling them as well as their users to exchange information required to make important strategic decisions
  • Their idea was to choose a technology that is easy to implement and at the same time empower them to deliver personalized, responsive web experiences which engage, convert and retain customers
  • This system should enable them to track the users of their CMS in terms of access and use of their research articles and keep a record of participants of survey and survey findings

The Solution

Radix team of experts recommended Form Vine a survey management tool to be integrated with Sitefinity. This resulted into surveys being conducted by logical approach.

  • We at Radix started with collecting requirements of the customization and recommendations of the client
  • The analysis of the client’s need resulted in Radix experts recommending Form Vine to enable survey management and Sitefinity CMS for storage and exchange of research resources
  • Siteinfitnity made the system easy to use and adopt for the user
  • Radix delivery team greatest challenge was to integrate Form Vine with Siteinfinity. But our experienced team members successfully implemented this completing the project in time
  • Due importance was given to navigation and flow of surveys to be conducted based on selection of articles from research material repository.
  • The solution could also handle tracking of user activity and record it with sound backend system.

The Results

The web based CMS developed streamlined the client survey process and at the same time enabled them to distribute research content. The system also facilitated keeping track of usage of research material by its users.

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