Mobile Marketing Solution

Mobile Marketing Solution

Devised a Robust Mobile Solution to Streamline Marketing and Promotions Activities of Below The Line (BTL) Marketing Agency to Gain Better Competitive Edge In The Market

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  • Smart, innovative mobile solution to outperform competition
  • Easy-to-use seamlessly integrated solution to increase engagement
  • Live engagement at the event to connect and energize attendees
  • Cracking solution to transform passive attendees into active prospects
  • Revitalizing attendee experience with optimal control and visibility
  • Real-time data sync facility along with offline storage to unlock actionable insights


Client Location

West Africa


Marketing & Promotions

Business Model

Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • Android Studio 2.2
  • SQLite Database

The Context

West Africa based marketing agency is a foremost brand in the promotions industry and regularly runs campaigns for their clients. The promotions are carried simultaneously on various outlets and their representatives are present at all the locations.

To bring better synchronization, the company had to meet these requirements:


A mobile app that can be used by promoters during the event to fill up the forms with relevant details at the outlets and send the data to the server in real-time


Track the quantity of products promoted, total number of consumers engaged and relative sales details with clear statistics to deduce the event engagement


To capture GPS location of the filled up forms- with accurate location it should help to validate the presence of field promoters and customers at any specific location


Backend portal for admin and supervisors to view details about submitted forms, management of internal users, and end-users and all types of relevant promotions’ information


The Solution

Owing to our rich experience in developing customized mobile solutions, we help clients manage their on-field operations effectively. Some of the eminent features implemented across various projects involving on-field operations are as below:


Mobile Based Forms

By implementing mobile based surveys, it is easier for clients to collect the information from end-consumers while on-field. The forms were designed to be simple and engaging-helping field executives to fill up lengthy forms easily in lesser time.


Offline Storage

Due to different geographical terrain, the main concern was constant internet connectivity. We enabled local device storage using SQLite database into the apps. It helped to save survey details form data in local database whenever connectivity was low or unavailable.


Automated Sync

While we implemented offline storage capabilities into the apps, we also had to implement an automatic mechanism to sync that data to the server whenever an active internet connection becomes available. Using this feature, we were able to successfully push the information from the local device to the server.


Use of GPS location

We had also implemented GPS functionality to allow our clients to validate the actual location of their field executives while running campaigns. It helps our client with real-time location and updates about the presence of executives and their consumers.


Photo Capturing

It is better when surveys are submitted with respective photographs of the event attendees to have better recall value for the client. We skillfully implemented the facility for field executives to submit pictures of consumers in the forms.

The Results

The solution provided by Radixweb created was highly appreciated by the client as it revitalized the business process in a better way. In a crux:

Smooth Management

  • Ease-to-understand and manage mobile based forms
  • Quick assignment of the tasks to field staff
  • Ability to segregate data along with images and digital signature
  • Single point of data entry at its origin and no need for backend entry

Value-rich Benefits

  • Easy access to information
  • Offline storage capabilities
  • Automated verification of the promoter’s location and data
  • Increased security of data with elimination of physical forms

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Reduced costs and improve data integrity
  • Better employee productivity
  • Well-informed decisions with faster availability of critical information
  • Monitor effectiveness of the campaign

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