Cloud based Recruitment Software

Cloud based Recruitment Software

Using Advanced Cloud-Based Development Technologies by Implementing Enterprise Class Technology to Boost Efficiency and Reduce Costs

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  • Universal approach to cloud transformation from consulting to development, and from migration to management to boost move to cloud
  • Hassle free synchronization between global teams to attune to a common business growth plan
  • Highly intuitive software system for users with an easy to use, streamlined and on-the-cloud process
  • Consistent data management, better tracking of user records and improvised user experience for candidates and employers


Client Location



Human Resource

Business Model

Dedicated Team

Technology Used

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Data Entity Framework 6.0
  • HTML5 CSS3
  • Angular .JS
  • JQuery
  • Amplify.JS
  • underscore.js
  • Moment.js
  • Toaster.js
  • Jasmine.js
  • Structure Map
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0



The Context

A leader in the hiring industry, the Australia based client was looking to revamp its well-known product for candidates and employers. Their existing system was outdated as it was being used for more than fifteen years. Meeting the challenges of obsolete technologies was necessary because:


Lack of modernized features had substantially reduced workforce productivity and performance


Meeting the demands of a global workforce was difficult; there was minimal or no sync between various teams at different locations affecting business growth adversely


Each system requires apt support and maintenance for a durable life; legacy system used was devoid of better maintainability


With a non-sustainable system in use, getting the competitive edge in the volatile job market was a tough nut to crack


Using an age-old system came with its set of challenges as mandatory tasks like software updates and installations was becoming cumbersome


The Solution

Backed by a team of cloud experts, Radixweb has implemented numerous complex and challenging human resource management portals along with feature-rich web interfaces for recruiters and administrators.


Cloud Assessment Consulting

Owing to our rich experience, the team suggested the client for .NET application development as the technology (the client required) was slowly fading out. The team also helped the client to better technology options to move the system to cloud.


Cloud Based Application Development

To develop and deploy the desired system over Cloud, the existing system was migrated to Web. We analyzed the scope of work, redeveloped complete web based application and modernized with latest user interface, improved product distribution and incorporated new functionalities.


Cloud Integration Services

The team successfully integrated Third Party services like: secured sign integration for digital signature, Stimulsoft reporting service for custom report development, Broadbean services to find the right candidates from job portal and post jobs on Job Portals and SMS notifications.


Monitoring, Maintenance and Enhancements

Regular maintenance and enhancements till go-live phase. Stackify, a licensed tool was used to monitor server performance and maintenance. Automated deployment and upgradation process was carried out with the help of TeamCity and Octopus tools. The system quick and faced minimal down-time.

The Results

Withstanding optimum advantages of cloud, the client witnessed successful migration and smooth operations. End-users are highly delighted and the company is leveraging good-will with:

Ease in Maintenance

  • With perfect synchronization, the client and end users found maintenance tasks too easy to comprehend
  • They experienced less overhead due to quicker and smoother maintenance


  • Faster time-to-market
  • With the implementation of Cloud based service, the client experienced rapid scalability
  • Faster deployment with the necessary tools led to reduced down-time

Improvised Performance

  • Due to various teams located in different places could coordinate seamlessly, there has been a significant rise in overall productivity of the company and efficiency of the end-users

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