Synergize Manufacturing Solutions

Ignite your business goals to boost automation through innovative customized solutions by Radixweb; that eventually enhance productivity, and time-to-market

Disruption: Up to the Brim

The machine industry needs to adapt latest tech faster than ever! Starting from Aerospace & Defense to Automotive, from industrial manufacturing to Hi-Tech manufacturers we lead the pave.


Change the market disparity by reducing vehicle lifecycles and deliver customer value

Aerospace & Defense

Get tailored solutions to increase visibility and cost reduction to meet global standards

Process Manufacturing

Meet the changing market dynamics and compliance to regulations to enhance product quality

Industrial Manufacturing

Bring customization to your products with rationalized designs, better standardization & modularity

Galvanizing Gamut of Capabilities

Embedded Hardware and Software

Radixweb pioneers in development of embedded hardware and software to not just meet but win customer demands. With our sophisticated systems you can leverage:

  • Expertise on latest methodologies
  • Optimized R&D
  • Authenticated embedded designs
  • Cost reduction
  • Faster time-to-market

Supply Chain Management

Apt supply chain management is the game changer to deliver a distinct feature to your enterprise. The time is here to create an adjustable supply chain network to meet consumer demands with:

  • Optimized supply chain planning
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Inventory & warehouse management
  • Goods delivery
  • Supply chain integration

Cloud & Mobile Enablement

Clouds have finally risen over the manufacturing industry to unleash the power to access from anywhere – at any time and on every device. With Radix as your partner, leverage:

  • Highly configurable user experience
  • Build unmatchable brand value
  • Analytics and reports
  • Secured and easy-to-use technology
  • Anticipate consumer behavior

Sustainability Management

In manufacturing industry, it is very important to save costs and revenue leakages due to heavy energy consumption. Get sustainability and energy management applications to perform:

  • Real-time track of consumption
  • Analysis of complex real-time data
  • Higher asset utilization
  • Energy consumption patterns
  • Insights for better decision-making

Weld Success with
Digital Manufacturing

  • Consistent operational excellence
  • Comply with regulatory norms while maintaining high quality
  • Better control over supply chain cost management
  • Mobilize entire value chain
  • Ideation to execution support for IT solutions
  • Expertise on innovative business models and solutions