Stay Digital…Stay Vigorous

Healthcare organizations need to stay healthy with the technology dose to operate smartly, accelerate strategic goals and revamp the quality of service




Revive Health IT
Add Techno-Care

Healthcare industry is undergoing crucial changes with heavy penetration of emerging technology in both-providers as well as patient segments. The time is now to transform your current systems to cloud, mobility and IoT driven experiences for consumers (read- patients).

Recuperate health systems with aptly designed solutions by Radixweb that add more “care” to healthcare and not become just systems.

Injecting Digital Heal in Health

Enabling a healthy ecosystem that empowers organizations to develop loyal users, make a difference with superior health outcomes and reduce operational costs


Bend with the curve to provide better healthcare services to your customers at an affordable cost. With our value-based solutions, enable seamless collaboration and deliver better patient care


Payers are becoming the center-point of focus in healthcare landscape. We help you to simplify the complexity of emerging technology with ideal solutions, make informed decisions and save expenses

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Re-invent your business model with emerging trends to optimize your operations, increase your efficiency and flexibility, meet changes in IT trends, consumer patterns and declining revenue base

Stimulating Package of Expertise

IT Strategy Consulting

Nothing succeeds like a sure-shot cure for diseases- likewise get exclusively designed solutions to meet your distinctive needs. Also, imbibe deep knowledgeable healthy insights that ensure success with:

  • Better decision making
  • Analysis & reports
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Performance management
  • Customer service platform

Tailored Healthcare Application

Shift your focus to value-based models to deliver better experiences. Provide your consumers with the power to make informed decisions. With Radix as your partner, get bespoke applications with:

  • Efficient operations
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Transparent communication
  • Improved costs & superior quality
  • Business insights

Data Integration & Migration

Revitalize your healthcare systems with effective integration of multiple systems at one platform to deliver better care to your patients. Engage with Radixweb to integrate health IT systems:

  • Ideation to integration
  • High customization and configuration
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Support & maintenance
  • Social engagement

Patient Engagement

In this digital healthcare age, patients demand to be informed more than ever. Meet these rising expectations and engage with your patients at all possible touchpoints to create a patient-centric ecosystem:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Streamlined workflows
  • IoT and wearables integration
  • Re-engineering legacy systems
  • Improvised customer satisfaction

The Radix Prescription

Comprehensive experience in catering to healthcare organizations. Build valuable partnerships with our healthcare eye-to-detail and acumen to render “Win-all” solutions

Improve Patient Centricity

Harness the driving force of patient engagement in healthcare and grab new technologies to lead the race

Revenue Cycle

Don’t focus on depleting revenues and thinning margins; rather strengthen your financial well-being

Capability Upliftment

Adapt to invigorated digital platforms and innovative business models that add value to your healthcare enterprise

Consumer Engagement

Devise highly engaged and consistent consumer experience that are channel and platform-agnostic

Cost & Operational Efficiency

Comply with rules and regulatory standards – while you build savings and effective operations

Profound Experience

Wide experience in catering to healthcare leaders helps to design need and value-based solutions

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