Break Records and Set Benchmarks with Flutter App Development

Add the power of faster and dynamic mobile app development for beautifully crafted next-gen apps for iOS and Android platforms that give a wonderful experience to your users- in record time



Expressive and Flexible

Flutter is based on Google’s Dart programming technology with Portable User Interface (UI) Toolkit. Due to Dart, Flutter guarantees ‘Mobile Applications in Record Time’ as it is armored with revolutionary features like Hot Reload and Ahead of Time (AOT) compilations. Not only is Google’s Flutter fast, it is also fully customizable and on constant innovation drive. With its own Widget Library and huge collection of UI widgets and animations, it can be directly used by developers. Also, there is no need of JavaScript Bridge like React JS and other such reactive platforms which makes Flutter, people’s favorite!

Build Apps Faster with Flutter

Constantly Evolving Platform

Dedicated team of developers from Google and other reputed partners continuously put their best to update the platform- keeping up with the changing market needs. Strong focus on flexibility and customization capabilities for brand-based development.

High Speed Development

Easy to expedite mobile app development speed because of Hot Reload, Ahead of Time (AOT), extensive population of widgets, internationalized widget library and native performance- Flutter delivers mesmerizing UI in record time.

Single Codebase for all

For both iOS and Android platforms, developers can build applications for desktop, mobile, web and embedded from single codebase. This feature can ensure cost effective application with standard native UI and seamless transitions.

Impressive Time to Market

The thumb rule is write code once, reuse it everywhere. Code reuse is convenient, efficient and faster. So with Flutter- you can develop, deploy and render changes from one single platform in half the time. Saving time, efforts and cost- all in one.

Be Future Ready with Flutter App Development

Leverage transforming capabilities of Flutter with our mobile experts to create stunning apps built aesthetically along with:

  • Cross platform mobile app development
  • iOS and android app development
  • Easy integration in existing apps
  • Google Fuchsia development
  • Web application development

Flap Up Growth with Pulsating Innovation

Delivering prolific customized mobile app services since years, Radixweb helps customers to not plain gain advantages of revolutionary Flutter- but also get polished value added benefits like-

Unparalleled Tech Expertise

With an in-house team of developers and quality analysts, we help you become an early adopter of Flutter seamlessly while strategizing ideal technical architecture that fits your goals

Transparent Communication

Using proper communication tools, weekly reports, well defined hierarchy and continuous app development updates makes to build lasting and strong relationships with our customers

Stringent Data Security

Your data is highly confidential for us. With strict user based access policies and non-disclosure agreement and impeccable storage infrastructure, data security and privacy is our top priority

Dedicated Support

For better enhancement and high performance, our technical maintenance and timely support driven by dedicated support teams help to increase efficiency and resolve issues speedily