Making Your Field Service Fertile

Yield rich benefits by embracing Field Service Mobility to keep your work organized, team connected, increased focus on business growth and reduced costs

At the Horizon: Field Meets Cloud

Don’t just witness- become a part of the digital transformation! With the best of IoT and Cloud blending with Field Service, you can build exciting new systems, accelerate to revamp your older systems to new, change the way you manage field workforce, and improve customer engagement.

Catering Wide Spectrum of the Industry

Unleash world of opportunities with our Field Service expertise and commendable profound experience to deliver better value for your workforce and customers


Integrate information across all the business functions unanimously and hassle-free. Tailored field service management system along with seamless integration with your existing CRM or ERP systems

Third-Party Field Services

Enhance your team productivity and efficiency as they collaborate-platform or location-agnostic. Get secured access to process and top level documents to analyze and streamline business functions

Small Business

Small and Medium Businesses today opt for easy-to-use, flexible and scalable applications. With cloud-based FSM solutions we offer a secured and robust functionality at an affordable price

Spokes in Field Service Automation

Field service automation software - Radixweb

Real-time Planning

Get accurate visibility of the days to come with real-time customer history, asset tracking mechanisms and job documentation- while you also save back-office costs

Mobile & Integration

Mobile is at the epicenter of Field Service automation boom. Get simple and feature-rich apps to sync, schedule and access work from the field

Smooth Operations

With highly tailored and configurable solutions from Radix, access the location and status of your field workers anytime and organize work-schedules seamlessly


Gauge the overall performance of your people, services and processes with intuitive reports. Make better business decisions with insights from end-to-end reports

Holistic Field Service Solutions

Bespoke Field Service Solution

With tailored solutions, meet your unique business requirements. As these solutions let you focus on your business growth, you start gaining business heights. Radixweb helps with:

  • Bespoke dashboard
  • Role based access
  • Task & device control
  • Inventory setup
  • User & notification module

Cloud and Mobile Enablement

Enjoy unlimited access to your processes with mobile and cloud enablement. You and your employees can work together even if everyone is physically remote. Notable transformations are:

  • Off-line on-field tasks
  • Save time & costs
  • Interactive user-interface
  • Issue identification
  • Real-time task status

Reengineering Legacy Systems

Redefine your traditional systems to leverage the power of emerging technologies like Field Mobility, IoT, and Cloud to stand out. Radixweb ensures minimal disruption to users with:

  • Back-end transformation
  • Cloud & mobility enablement
  • Performance management
  • Analytics & reports
  • Support & maintenance

Seamless System Integration

Use your field forces to the optimum level with system and third-party integration. It will weed out manual activities and errors to smoothen your processes with:

  • CRM & ERP
  • Document management
  • Application integration
  • Social engagement
  • Platform integration

Sharpen your Edge with Radix

In-depth Expertise & Experience

Leverage our experience gained by catering to industry leaders in Fortune 500 companies

Surge in Top Line Performance

Radixweb helps to drive more value by making every service interaction count

Flexible and Productive Work-culture

Maximize the use of your resources by managing your tasks on the go with bespoke systems

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Radixweb assures to improvise effectiveness of all top to bottom enterprise roles

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