Harmonized Collection Growth

Veteran to deliver highly scalable and automated industry specific solutions to manage multiple debt categories and synchronize business operations to attain maximum productivity

Technicize Solutions for Debt Collection To Keep You Paid

Harmonized Collection Growth

Lower maintenance cost

Customized user experience

Data confidentiality assurance

Seamless disaster recovery

Fully automated procedures

Reckoning Financial Solution Providers

Financial Service Deliverables

Financial institutes face challenges like evolving regulatory requirements, high cost of managing information, increased competition etc. Connect with us and achieve goals like:

  • Organizational cost reduction
  • Quick & secure access to information
  • Compliance to regulatory rules
  • Customer database control
  • Operational risk mitigation

Simplified Financial Processes

Manage diverse services at a single platform. We work to develop strategies, respond to market change and ensure regulatory compliance. Integration of following attributes enhance performance:

  • Business intelligence
  • Managing portal
  • Content management
  • Architecture
  • Data storage

Customized Design & Development

We deliver custom debt collection software for unique challenges. It starts from prototyping, designing, development, deployment migration & re-engineering, and support & maintenance. We automate workflow with:

  • Access based development
  • QuickBooks integration & data migration
  • Data storage & control
  • Debt information & custom reports
  • Sales data maintenance & debtor data

Operational Assistance

As financial institutions operate in a fluid environment, support from debt recovery software becomes their backbone. Create happy customers who willingly pay on time with:

  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Security and technological safety
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Agile approach for digital
  • Meet customer and regulatory needs

The Radix Stake!

  • In-depth experience and highly trained team
  • Enjoy creative layouts and smooth navigations
  • Flexibility to improvise operational execution
  • Enhanced performance based on global view
  • Increased productivity through automations
  • Real-time maintenance and support

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