Radixweb Heralds High Performance in Australian Recruitment Software Company

  • Posted: 3 months ago
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Adding The Right Tech-Spunk

Re-Energized Traditional Software Systems Using New-Age Modern Technology Sprinkled With Best Domain Acumen to Achieve Business Breakthroughs at Reduced Costs

The Highlights:

  • Turn-key Legacy Application Modernization
  • Smooth Cloud Migration
  • Helped to regain lost market share
  • Crossed 2000+ Clients from 600 in no time
  • Continual Partnership for support and enhancement
  • Happy Client strengthening partnership for more innovation

Radixweb, industry’s leading Software Development and IT outsourcing company, propelled a prominent recruitment software company with sluggish performance to shed traditional systems to become High performers and market disruptors in Human Resource and Recruitment industry. With seamless migration to cloud-based systems, Radixweb made it a cake walk for the client to save time, efforts and cumbersome management through simplified product licensing, automated business processes and effective database management.

Based in Melbourne with its branches spread across the Land of Down Under, the tech big-wig has set the trend for software products in HR industry after partnering with Radixweb. The team at Radix infused rigorous tech by meeting challenges like rebuilding a mammoth-sized existing application and hosting in the cloud. With an age-old and tired legacy system, the client was facing severe loss of revenue and customer-base. Adding to their woes, was their significant loss of market share as the competitors were quickly rising to the cloud and leaving no stone unturned to make simplified systems for the target audience.

Radixweb helped the client to regain the market space after beginning the race from the starting point. Adding various functionalities, consolidated platform using one technology and building applications in various stages- was vital for the partnership.

Summarizing his exciting experience with Radixweb, Raj Soni- Product Lead for the client firm says, “We are proud to have chosen the right software, right technology and right partner. The team at Radix is very flexible and simply fantastic.” Iterating further, he said that having a clear understanding of our businesses definitely resulted in an engaging project experience and a more suitable solution. Notably, it has been Radix’s pride that the client spearheaded to cross 2000+ client mark from 600 in no time after using the solution.

Customized software solutions have the power to make you rise from the ashes. “As a technology partner, to deliver beyond expectations is as crucial as moving mountains with your conviction. Combining the best team and attitude to surmount the peak is not new at Radix. We are happy to be an inseparable part for the company to regain its lost market share and reach the pinnacle again. To become a cog in the giant machine of Software industry in Australia showcases grit in technology, displays our cultural sensitivity temperament and market leadership clearly,” says Pratik Mistry, Sr. Business Head at Radixweb.

“The thin line of difference between vendors and partners is that the correct partner understands your requirements just as you do and says- Ok, Let’s put a team together. Let’s start building it,” adds Soni.

And this is crisply what Radix brings to the table!

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