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Know about our expertise in web applications, technologies and products. Access our collaterals to know in-detail about project execution, management practices and communication transparency

Radixweb Company Profile

Known as an innovation leader in software outsourcing, Radixweb caters globally. Download Radixweb Company profile to read about our entire range of IT services and products offered by our extremely talented pool. Dive deep to explore our consulting and development services, COTS solution customization and development services, embedded systems development & engineering services, industry specific solutions and graphic & web designing services.

Product Development @ Radix

Get to know our standardized process to build up highly acclaimed IT products for varied industry domains. Grasp a sneak-peak about our detailed product development practices that include ideation, development, testing, release, maintenance, enhancement to migration. With our profound industry experience, we are highly committed to deliver robust business products to meet your ever-changing requirements and technology channels.

Application Migration @ Radix

Know how to transform your application performance by migrating it to latest technology platforms. Learn more about our streamlined procedure in this document. It contains in detail requirement analysis, planning, design, development, testing, release, maintenance and enhancement. Offering pre-defined application migration methodology, we re-engineer your legacy applications. It is based on impact analysis of new functionalities development, version releases & integration with third party systems.

EMS Development @ Radix

We devise CMS and e-commerce development as per customized requisites. Read in detail about our service ranges and project execution methodology for content management system and ecommerce management system development in the document. Engaging theming services and customized development, we develop advanced CMS and E-commerce application based on latest DotNet COTS and PHP based open source technologies.

Project Management Practices

At Radix, we have organized Project Management Practices to meet client’s expectations effectively. You can download this free file to view details of our project initiation practices, resource scheduling system, project management system, communication channel, project monitoring and controlling, development methodologies, and closure. Utilizing all these systems, we keep our clients updated by delivering them with project progress report on regular basis.