Software Reengineering

Modernize your legacy application to increase flexibility, reach more customers & embrace latest technology and trends

Key Drivers to opt for Software Reengineering

  • Rapidly changing business landscape
  • Missing “Accessibility Anywhere” features
  • Lack of skilled Resources for obsolete technologies
  • Missing integration between multiple business systems
  • Poor or no support from Vendor
  • High maintenance costs

Takeaways for your business

Increase future maintainability

Reduce costs of maintenance

Retain and acquire customers

Deliver unified user experience across devices (Responsive / HTML5)

Embrace latest technology and trends

Leverage cloud infrastructure

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Re-engineering Activities


Application Re-development

Whether managing and extending your application is cost and time prohibitive or too out-dated with current industry standards, we help you re-develop entire system using the latest technology platforms with key focus on user experience, stability, extensibility & performance.

Our software redevelopment involves:

  • Functional Restructuring
  • Business Process Re-mapping
  • UI Enhancements
  • Re-evolution of Technical Aspects


Application Upgrades & Extensions

If the implementation of your existing system has some core touch-me-not business logic, we have required experience of finding workarounds by reusing such components and extending them to keep core elements intact.

The standardize practices, we follow for application upgrading contains:

  • Need Identification
  • Upgrade Planning
  • Complete/Partial Updating
  • Configuration
  • Verification
  • Hand over


Clean coding & Isolated Development environment

At Radix, we strictly follow industry best practices to develop a manageable solution. Our design guidelines, architecture, coding standards, naming conventions and project management practices enables us to develop a smooth system which is easy to use and maintain.

While working with us, your applications are developed in a vulnerability free and isolated environment to address security concerns. All the projects we execute are managed within source control with secure accesses and separate testing & staging environments.

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