Software Engineering Team

Radix is an India based fast growing IT enterprise having perfect blend of technical, managerial and leadership competences. Our talent pool shares common vision to run the organization by creating exceptional harmony across internal and external resources. Professional and personal growth of all executives is fundamental aspect of company.

Believing in strength of every individual, for us team is about ordinary people coming together to achieve extraordinary output. This continuous expansion and success is the result of die hard efforts of our management team that involves highly experienced industry veterans.

Mr Dharmesh Acharya

Dharmesh Acharya
Mr Dharmesh Acharya is the COO at Radix. He is a technocrat and has over 16 years of experience in the Project management, Operation Management and Software Development.

Applying a sharp insight into daily operations of the company, he empowers development processes. Using inclusive operational methodology, he escalates into project bottlenecks causing substantial failures. Mr Dharmesh is passionate to work with diversified industry domains and technologies to shape out governance standard execution, HR policies creation and Resource Scheduling System implementation of Radix.

Apart of addressing small to large operational matters, he is the key person to analyze and execute customer requirements at pre-sales stage and set development environment accordingly. He coordinates with operational team to satisfy clients’ requirements and meet company objectives.

Mr Nitin Vaishnav

Nitin Vaishnav
Mr Nitin Vaishanav is the CTO of Radixweb. He is B.Sc (Electronics) from one of the most reputed university of India and has over 17 years’ experience in field of Software and Hardware Development, System Design, Device Driver Programming, Application Porting, Embedded Device Design and IT infrastructure management. He holds the certification of Microsoft Professional.

He is one of the most respectful leaders at Radix. Being the most proficient technical minds of industry, he oversees technical design, coding conventions, technology exploration, security, network & infrastructure implementation, and framework adoption of embedded systems.

Mr Vaishanav is highly esteemed by the Radix members and the industry aristocracies for his silent perseverance, technical insight and his excellency to solve complex problems in reasonably less time.

Mr Varix Patel

Delivery & Operations Head
Varix Patel
Mr Varix Patel is the Delivery & Operations Head of Radixweb. He is a Post Graduate Diploma (Information Technology) certificate holder having 14 years of extensive experience. He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD).

He manages end-to-end operations of the team employing effective resource management methodologies. Mr Varix plays a pivotal role in offering quality and cost efficient solutions to customers by directing operational staff. At Radix, he holds responsibility for meeting operational targets, on-time project release and improving efficiency of operational team.

In order to deliver effective services and customer experience, he frequently interacts with development team and clients. Creating project succession plan for the team, he offers effective project development with on-time delivery.

Mr Pratik Mistry

Business Head
Pratik Mistry
Mr Pratik Mistry is the Business Head of Radix. He is a Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) having more than 9 years of industry experience. He possesses the certification of Oracle Professional.

His deep wisdom into technical and business arena aids Radix in establishing powerful market presence. He plays pivotal role by defining potential marketing and sales strategies for the company. He preserves exceptional skills to build customer relationships, identify opportunities, negotiate with clients, closing deals, etc.

Mr Pratik also deals with operational team, marketing staff, sales staff and managers to set potent strategy. Along with generating prospects, he also deals with existing customers and satisfies them by coping with their needs.