School Management Software

Feature-rich web platform to streamline administrative activities of school through seamless inter-departmental communication and learning management system for scholars to have online education

Indispensability of Existing Education

The education industry has more than two players. And each player has separate requirements such as students want rich learning experience, tutors desire to deliver effective teaching, parents wish to have continuous updates of their child’s progress, and trustees want to have efficient handling of administrative processes and information. These days, online learning concept is very popular across institutes to facilitate the candidates to learn from anyplace. Quick and successful controlling of all these activities from single platform is basic requirement of current education system. Apart from these, education institutes desire to have:

  • Simplified operations of entire system
  • Quick distribution of details
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Effective execution of different information
  • Improved interaction with families and alumni
  • Reduced manual data insertion and sharing
  • eLearning via online education and training
  • eBook and eCatalogue selling of courses

How Technology Improves Efficiency of Education System?

Advanced Education System development using latest technologies assists schools/institutes in reducing manual work, online knowledge sharing and improving information reliability. Authorities can track details related to different users. Moreover, institutes can keep the system up-to-date as per varying education standards of boards, grades, government, etc.

What Radix Serves Under Education Software Development?

We can develop systems that bring varied participants such as authorities, students, parents, teachers, etc. at a place. By integrating enhanced features, functions, modules, and add-ons, we can develop solutions that simplify school workflow across internal and external resources.

Our team can develop requirement based applications using Microsoft technologies. We are experts in migration and re-engineering of your legacy software at latest technologies. At Radix, you will have a consistent technical support and maintenance for your software development.

Radix Offering Services

School Management System

Our developers can make solutions that permit teachers can focus on knowledge delivery rather than upholding students’ record manually. We can generate the system that offers role based access to users for security purpose. Only authorized users such as students, teachers, admin activist, and parents can operate the solution using their login credentials. The core elements of School Management Software we’ve already worked on for different clients are:

  • Teacher & Student module
  • Parents & Security Module
  • Alumni Tracking
  • Attendance organisation
  • Report Generation
  • Report Cards, Grade Book and Grading
  • Fees and Payment Tracking
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • To manage student information, we can insert functions such as import student data, parents’ registration, student registration information, list of registered students, grading, attendance, reporting, library usage, online assignment, alumni tracking, etc.
  • To exhibits teacher information, we can offer various features such as new teacher registration, import teacher’s details, teachers’ schedule, mark attendance, import attendance, and so on.
  • Parents can also access the solution with valid login credentials. They can view the info like children’s information, attendance records, report cards, and much more.
  • Authorities of education institute can view all the admin information including fees and payment tracking, extracurricular activities, e-Library, services, trades, security module, and many other details.

Learning Management System

We can evolve boosted learning management systems for online education providers. Using our applications, institutes can manage their dashboard, catalogs, sales, customer, promotional and content. We can develop dynamic systems that allow students to purchase their learning material from education institutes. The modules we have developed for learning administration system are:

  • E-library
  • 3rd Party Tools Integration
  • Customized Shopping Cart
  • Lesson Planning
  • Online Assignment
  • eCommerce Development
  • Bespoke Learning Management Solution development with third party integrations.
  • Tailored eCommerce application development with insertion of advanced modules.
  • The system can offer seamless synchronization of relational database from different section.
  • We provide Single-Sign-on functionality for third party user system and eCommerce solution.
  • Development of a fully customized and secure shopping cart that permits institutes to auction their courses, catalogues, course packages, library, etc. from front store.

Why Choose Us for Education System Development?

Centralized and automated operations

Rapid and accurate data availability

Enhanced organisation of education procedures

Remote Analysis and monitoring

Rapid learning content delivery

Fully customizable solutions

Communicate with our team

If you are looking for a highly efficient School Management Software and Learning Management System, we would glad to hear you and try our best to accomplish your expectations.