Debt Collection and Recovery Management System

Debt Collection and Recovery Management System

Migration and Feature Enhancement of Existing Windows based System with Advanced Development

  • Migrating historical data from semi-structured format for information processing and analysis
  • Fully automated accounts payable workflow by integrating with QuickBooks Accounting System
  • Comprehensive reports for sales forecasting, collections statistics, and financial information
  • Automation and Streamline collection processes for effective debt recovery
  • Long term engagement: System support, enhancement, and maintenance

The Context

Our client is USA based firm specializing in commercial debt recovery services. Back in 2011, the client realize that they are in dire need of redevelopment and uplift the functionality of the current software which they are using since 12 years due to high recurring cost & intranet access.

Aiming to understand the current business practices and transforming it to their own system, the company turned to Radixweb.

The business needs as articulated by the company were:


To replace the existing software that they were using which had yearly recurring cost and migrate its heterogeneous data of 12 years in precise manner from Sybase to SQL Server 2008


Requirement of exclusive capacity to analyze the collected data and generate various reports for admin, managers, sales representatives, collectors as per their need to perform crucial business operations and financial forecasting


Integration with QuickBooks accounting system with bi-directional data synchronization capabilities with web portal for payment reconciliation , automating account payable, and generate complex accounting reports


Unified solution with central authorized access for all departments and employees in highly secured seamless manner by providing flexible authorization


Bring all business processes under centralized web portal which were implemented separately in different platforms like MS Access, Visual Basic, PHP Web portal, My SQL and other manual running processes in MS Excel


The Solution

Radix had on premise visit at client’s organization to understand their contemporary intranet system and business prerequisites. A dedicated team of experienced developers along with project manager was being assigned to work with customer. The team assembled required information to learn their enterprise processes and work flows and prepared interactive designed mock-ups using Balsamiq tool to give comprehensive skeleton of the system.

The team carried out migration of window based software to a new web based application relying on an innovative technology stack, which ensured outstanding performance capabilities. Radix software team investigated the business processes, decompiled the modules, and thoroughly studied the existing application to understand the functional interaction specifics. The team has successfully overcome the challenge of migrating data from Sybase to SQL server.


Accounting Module

  • Integrated with QuickBooks accounting system to automate account payables
  • Powerful Invoicing mechanism involves multifarious invoice generation, & distribution among designated authorities
  • Batch processing of approved invoices
  • Report generation for end-clients and operational staff
  • Batch generation ACH Payments in precise format

Generic Module

  • Secure role-based access and wide range of search capabilities
  • Dynamic Letters creation and scheduling
  • Implemented Hundreds of reports covering all business needs of all departments
  • Phone call summary import
  • Agency level administration for attorneys, banks, periods, holidays, master data, call summary, etc.

Sales Module

  • Sales Business manager can import all the leads data from their hoovers
  • Sales Representatives can manage own prospects, clients and their quick calling schedule
  • Comprehensive statistical reports of sales recap along with commission fee calculations
  • Define Sales target and showing representatives that where they reached so far

Debt Collection Module

  • Collectors can manage their debtors and all the related debts details
  • Manage Legal process with attorney & court by Legal Team
  • Request approval workflow for managing variety of internal tasks

Agile Methodology

  • Full transparency to client about development milestones
  • Improved quality deliverables by breaking down projects into manageable units

Dedicated Team

Dedicated highly skilled design, development & maintenance team caring extensive level of knowledge to understand the unique requirements and develop & deploy the desired results matching to business needs.

The Results

The system was deployed successfully to production environment and is currently being used by more than 60 staff members in agency. The staff members enjoying the process of debt collection as it is more straightforward and effective than before.

This application enabled client's business by providing numerous benefits that include but not limited as below:

Higher Business Productivity

  • Eliminated yearly recurring higher cost of current software with web solution implementation which overcome issues of previous software with many staff needed enhancements
  • A cutting-edge all-in-one online solution for turning all debt collection and recovery activities online and due to that our customer obtained reliable cost effective solution that helped achieve the business objective.

Powerful and Secure Solution

  • Online solution offers a competitive advantage to client and helping in increasing their new customer base and retaining existing customers as it provides the ease of access details to their customers within fingertips.
  • Better business decision with Real-time analytical and graphical report generation

Streamlined Operations

  • The developed solution played decisive role in shaping a new advance vision of the organization sales and collection activities by minimizing the time in commencing active contribution in streamline company’s business processes.
  • Eliminated overhead of managing business processes amongst multiple system and spreadsheets offers higher employee satisfaction and accurate information availability



Client Location

United States


Financial Services

Business Model

Dedicated Team

Technology Used

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • SQL Server 2008
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • Quickbooks 13.0
  • Telerik AJAX Controls
  • Microsoft RDCL Reporting

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