Software Development Methodologies for Key IT Services offered

Custom Software Development Methodology

We have a very simple and easy to understand approach to custom software development. We have combined benefits of several standard development process models. We work closely with our customers analysing their technological needs and recommend the right approach and process. Our development team is well versed in various aspects of different development methodologies such as Agile Development, Waterfall, Prototyping and Scrum. Our aim is to have well-defined, predictable highly manageable process permitting refinement, flexibility and progress review after each phase.

Software Development Methodology

Each phase of application development process is structured in sub-phases, which may have iterations in turn. The results of each phase are provided to the client as artifacts in the form of documentation, diagrams and/or source code. After each phase we usually have sign-offs to ensure both the client’s satisfaction with the current phase results and delivery of the next phase results on time and on budget.

Application Maintenance Methodology

Businesses spend lot resources in terms of time and money to maintain obsolete technologies.

Radix’s application maintenance methodology is cut out just for maintenance and are not an reflection of development. Our consultative approach takes a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services. We work in tandem with our customers to understand the domain, technology roadmap, processes, and applications, and then deliver solutions.

Application Maintenance Methodology Application Maintenance Methodology

We have a proven methodology for application maintenance including application support, technical, and functional support for existing and on-going enhancements. We begin with corrective maintenance, evolving to adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance. Our experience in maintenance services augment application stability, lower support costs, reduce total-cost-of-ownership (TCO), and steer continuous service quality improvements.

Application Migration Methodology

Radix has been working with global companies to migrate their legacy system to system built in emerging technologies and platforms. Application Migration is a specialized domain which requires in-depth functional knowledge and technical expertise.Application Migration Methodology

Application Migration Methodology

At Radix we have a well-defined and organized approach to Application Migration projects. Our organized approach helps our clients to meet their application transition objectives, which are critical to the achievement of their organization goals. Our Application Migration Projects are initiated with detailed needs analysis identifying the reason for transition to newer systems. Along with this different options are also evaluated versus application migration. Impact analysis in conducted evaluating downtime constraints along with architectural and environmental changes required. Planning phase involves development of migration plan with appropriate technology selection and whether it maps with existing application technology or platform. Finally Migration plan is implemented with coding in terms of developing or migrating source code, rewrite non-migrated code, develop unit tests, perform migration steps and build deployment artefacts including scripts. Lastly the migrated application is released and support is provided as per the contractual terms.

CMS & E-Commerce Project Execution Methodology

Radix has expertise across a range of content management systems and website platforms, both open source and proprietary. Our delivery methodology is designed to gain a solid understanding of your business and respond with the appropriate strategy, be it process based or knowledge driven. When advising clients on technological platforms, we take an analytical approach and provide detailed documentation to form the basis of our implementation.

Our E-Commerce application developers are skilled and seasoned. We choose best brains from the industry to instil more efficiency into our service. Our e-commerce developers are always on innovation drive. They provide unique functions rightly balanced with integration of SEO-friendliness and appealing design interface. In a word, their efforts are directed towards giving right punch to your website desired to achieve your goals.

CMS & E-Commerce Project Execution Methodology

During production we will engage with our clients regularly and communicate how we are tracking against the schedule and any potential roadblocks. We always involve the client in approving our ideas and decisions at key points along the way to mitigate against risks.

Product Development Methodology

Software Product Development methodology has been developed on basis of proven processes and best practices. Our methodology has been designed to ensure that this can applied to any organization with minimum changes. Radix product development methodology is based on consultative approach with our expert team members forming the basis entire product development cycle.

Product Development Methodology