Application Modernization

Helping you drive better value for your business by shifting your IT spend from high maintenance to greater innovation

Why Should You Opt for Application Modernization?

  • Multiple technology platforms
  • Business need for greater agility
  • Shrinking expertise for obsolete technologies
  • High maintenance costs
  • Missing mobile, social, and cloud advantage
  • No support from existing vendor
Application Modernization Services

The Outcome for your Business

Companies today face great challenges in driving business value from their application portfolio. The application portfolio has become more complex in order to keep up with ongoing changing requirements. The focus is shifted to support innovation and bring better business results.

Application modernization gives a leading edge to your business by preserving your original intended business objectives, model and investments.

Blending 15 years of industry experience, Radixweb manage to reduce budget and execution timeline of application modernization project through a global delivery model. Unlike other companies, who are providing silo services, we use a proven, integrated approach that offers flexibility, discovers new sources of revenue and help you create an adaptive enterprise.

The Takeaways:

Lower business disruption and risk

Simplified and manageable application portfolio

Enhanced flexibility and greater agility

Unified user experience across devices

Reduced costs of maintenance

Leveraging data analytics and cloud environments

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Application Modernization -What We Offer

Application Portfolio Assessment

Make a cognizant decision in your path to intelligent portfolio management equipped with detailed assessment report of your technology landscape with our unique approach for portfolio assessment. Our software assessment process comes in variety based on client’s specific requirements.

Our Practices to Application Portfolio Assessment:

  • Building a business case for application modernization
  • Creating a realistic modernization project estimations
  • Developing complete report of technology landscape
  • Application portfolio and consolidation assessment
  • Detailed review for a definite modernization option

Application Re-engineering

If your business struggling in driving a value from application portfolio and experiencing lack of agility and high maintenance cost, re-engineering can transform things. It will help your enterprise stay competitive and responsive to change. Our software re-engineering process helps you boost your competitive advantage while reducing your IT complexity and operational costs.

Our software re-engineering involves:

  • Re-development of legacy systems using latest technology platforms
  • Migration across servers, operating systems, database and languages
  • Web- enabling of legacy software, client-server application and desktop application
  • Enhancement or re-engineering of existing systems to align with business requirements

Application Cloud enablement & SaaS enablement

Cloud and SaaS allow ISVs to experience agility, scalability, speed and flexibility which drives greater value, innovation and lower costs. Radix has strong capabilities in delivering SaaS and Cloud implementation, modernization of legacy systems and digital transformation helping you define the right strategy to redevelop/migrate your existing systems.

The services we offer in Cloud and SaaS space include:

  • Consulting for cloud computing, SaaS and virtualization
  • Multi tenancy architecture, design and development for cloud/SaaS
  • Consulting for database migration and optimization
  • QA and Testing for virtualization, cloud and SaaS
  • Performance engineering and testing
  • Infrastructure sizing, implementation, support and maintenance

Redevelop your legacy software systems to drive greater value from your application portfolio

Key Differentiators in Radix Capabilities

  • A disciplined and systematic approach to portfolio management helping you drive greater value by making the most of your existing systems
  • Certainty of solutions achieved through extensive experience of handling number of offshore software modernization projects
  • Addressing challenge of migrating legacy system with ease by implementing proven analysis, diagnostic tools and transparent migration process
  • Seasoned team specializing technology, strategy and implementation exploiting modernization tools helping to automate application portfolio with ease
  • Capability to bring cost-efficient ways to manage application portfolio by embracing latest technology platform such as Mainframe and Cloud
  • Offering broad range of software modernization services from assessment, planning to implementation and support
  • Faster results as our modernization team working with flexible approach to deploying the system as per changing needs

Let Radix experts help you re-engineer your systems to extremely reduce operating costs and increase ROI